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 banda deathmetal crustcore desde oakland california estados unidos kuyas principales influencias son bandas komo ….Jason.. – Accion Mutante, Death Breath, Bolt Thrower, Excruciating Terror, Unhinged, Hiatus WarTrash/Lidtoker …. ..GK.. – sds, hellbastard, caffiene, antisect, g. w. bush, effigy, discharge, misery, enya, driller killer, your face, axegrinder, homebrew.. ..Brian.. – misery agony and failure.. ….Steve.. – death, obituary, bolt thrower, sepultura, discharge, nausea, opeth, filth of mankind, comics, zombies, vater 5A nylon….http://www.myspace.com/stormcrowcrust, material del 2005.

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